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Troup Genealogy

1. Troup Genealogy Lists

2. Troups of Coull & Aboyne Family Tree

3. Alexander Troup & Christian Ferries of Stonyford Farm, Coull

4. David Troup, illegitimate son of Alexander Troup of Coull

5. Maps of Aberdeenshire

6: Family tree of Ian William Troup to Harry Troup of Coull

1. Genealogy Lists for Scottish Troup Families

I am a Troup by marriage and have been researching The Troup family tree for the last 10 years. During that time I have been compiling Genealogical lists for the Troups of Scotland as well as putting a Family Tree for the Troups of Coull and Aboyne.

So far I have lists for virtually all Births, Deaths and Marriages as well as Deaths, Wills and Testaments and Census's from 1841 to 1901. To access the master list of lists click on the link below.

                                                          TROUP GENEALOGY LISTS

2. Troups of Coull & Aboyne Family Tree

The Farm at Stonyford, Coull in 2007 

Our own branch of Troups is descended from Harry Troup, a farmer of Coull, (a village just north of Aboyne),  Aberdeenshire who was born in 1757, and who married twice, to Agnes Davidson in 1786, with whom he had seven children while living at Tillyjuke, Coull, and Anne McCombie with whom he had a son, Alexander Troup, born in 1803 while living in Tillykarmok, Coull, before moving to the farm at Stonyford sometime in the early 1800's where he was living with Anne and the two younger sons, William and Alexander in the 1941 Census. He died on 27/07/1849 while living in Nether Mains of Glengarry, Parkhill in the parish of Lumphanan.

Alexander in turn married Christian Ferries in 1830.They had 14 children, but before he married Christian he had an illegitimate son, David, with Isobel McCombie in 1828, and possibly also a daughter Mary, born in 1830.

3. Alexander Troup and Christian Ferries of Stonyford Farm, Coull

Alexander Troup, the youngest child of Harry Troup was born in Tillykarmok, Coull on 12 Feb 1803,  and lived and farmed at Stonyford until his death aged 67 on 16 December 1870 in Aberdeen after a botched operation for kidney stones.

Christian Ferries was the daughter of William Ferries, a Corn Miller in Birse, and Elspet Masson and was born on 16 February 1809 in Glenchatt, Birse. She died of a stroke on 1 July 1894 aged 85 at Bridgend in Coull.

Alexander married Christian Ferries in the parish of Tarland and Migvie on 6 September 1830.

Children of Alexander Troup and Christian Ferries are:

 i. Anne Troup, B: 15 Apr 1831, D: Abt. 1832 in Coull, ABD.

ii. James Troup, B: 15 Apr 1831 in Coull, ABD, D: Abt. 1832 in Coull, ABD.

iii. Barbara Troup, B: 11 Jun 1832 in Coull, ABD, D: 1866 in Coull, ABD.

iv. Charles Troup, B: 13 Mar 1834 in Coull, ABD, D: 04 Jun 1922 in Coull, ABD, : Helen Middleton 13 Jan 1859 in Tarland & Migvie, Aberdeen; M: Margaret ordyce 1889 in Aboyne, ABD.

v. Alexander Troup, B: 12 Nov 1835 in Coull, ABD, D: Abt. 1838 in Coull, ABD.

vi. Christian Troup, B: 29 Nov 1836 in Coull, Aberdeenshire, D: 22 Jul 1872 in oull, ABD, M: John Birss 27 Feb 1862 in Coull, ABD.

vii. William Troup, B: 09 Jul 1838 in Coull, ABD, D: 1901 in Birse, ABD,M:
Frances Harper 10 Feb 1865 in Kincardine O'Neill.

viii. Isabella Troup, B: 04 Jul 1840 in Stoneyford, Coull, ABD,

ix. George Troup, B: 05 May 1842 in Coull, Aberdeenshire.

x. Alexander Troup, B: 15 May 1844 in Coull, ABD, D: 1914 in Kintore, ABD, M. Margaret Mitchell 1870 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen City, ABD.

xi. Peter Troup, B: 19 Jul 1846 in Coull, ABD, D: 1876 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen City, ABD.

xii. John Troup, B: 06 Jun 1848 in Coull, ABD, D: Coull,ABD.

xiii. James Troup, B: 16 Aug 1850 in Coull, Aberdeenshire, D: Coull,

xiv. Jean Troup, B: 16 Aug 1850 in Coull, ABD, D: 14 Jun 1867 in Stoneyford, Coull, ABD.

John, James, Ann and Alexander all died in infancy or childhood. Jean (aka Joan) died aged 16.

4. David Troup, illegitimate son of Alexander Troup of Stonyford, Coull

David Troup, the illegitimate son of Alexander Troup and Isabel McCombie was born on 6 Apr 1828 in Coull, Aberdeenshire, and died on 12 Nov 1915 in Wickerwalls, New Machar (age 87). In 1841 he was working as an agricultural labourer at Seefar Farm at Logie Coldstone and he married Isabella Allardyce on 10 Dec 1848 in Alford, Aberdeenshire, aged 20.

They had 8 children:

i. William Troup. B. 1848 in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire.

ii. James Troup, B: 16 Apr 1850 in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, D: 23 Feb 1939 in Newmachar of heart failure.

iii. David Troup, B: 06 Jul 1852 in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, D: 1942 in Aberdeen, M: Jessie Allardyce 06 Aug 1874 in Balmaud, King Edward, ABD.

iv. Jessie Ann Troup, B: 12 May 1856 in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, D: 03 Mar 1862 in Mains of Rhynie, Aberdeenshire (aged 5).

v. Alexander Anderson Sutherland Troup, B: 17 Jul 1858 in Broom, Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, D: 18 May 1943 in 2 Seafield Drive, West Aberdeen, M: Anne Collier 16 Jul 1887 in Coldwells, New Blyth, King Edward, ABD.

vi. Erskine Troup, B: 11 Nov 1860 in Broom, Rhynie, ABD, D: 13 Nov 1951 in Wickerwalls, New Machar, Aberdeen.

vii. Isabella Troup, B: 11 Mar 1863 in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, D: 20 Oct 1940 in Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, M: William Alexander Diack 28 Dec 1888 in Rhynie.

viii. John Troup, B: 09 Aug 1865 in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, D: Jan 1955 in Aberdeen, M: Margaret Davidson McLean 12 Jul 1895 in Silver Street Hall, Aberdeen.

ix. Harry Gauld Troup, B: 27 Jul 1867 in Muir of Rhynie, Rhynie, ABD, D: 1923 in Dorking, Essex, M: Maggie E Addison 13 Jul 1894 in Aberdeen.

By 1850 they had moved to Rhynie and lived there until at least 1891, with David working as a farm labourer and ploughman in the early years although by 1900 he had moved to labouring on the roads and become a Foreman, all in the Rhynie area.

When however, Isabella developed stomach cancer in early 1892 they moved in with son James and daughter Isabella in Wickerwalls, where Isabella died on 13 August 1894 aged 66 after suffering the cancer for 2 and a half years. David continued to live at Wickerwalls for the next 20 years and died there aged 87 on 12 November 1915.

5. Maps of Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Aberdeenshire showing Coull's location (Click map to enlarge)

 The Aboyne area of Aberdeenshire showing Coull's location (Click map to enlarge)

6. Family Tree