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My Trans-American Adventures


The following Journal reflects three Coach Trips I did with my Mother across the U.S.A. in 1995 & 96. The first was The Great American Crossing in 95, followed by The Trans-American Adventure and the Golden West Adventure in 1996. (All 3 trips are still available but the TAA itinerary now more closely resembles that of the GAC).

The trips were a gift to my Mum from my Dad for her 70th Birthday (to fulfil a dream she had always had, which she inherited from her Mother, to visit the USA) and as he was such a bad traveller and had no wish to go himself, she elected me as her travelling companion. Having done the first one, she enjoyed it so much she did it again the following year, this time with a further tour added, and again I got to go with her. Sadly neither of us have got to go back since, as she became too frail and subsequently died in 2004. But I still treasure the time I was able to spend with her on those trips and this website is in some small way a tribute and memorial to her.

Of the 2 tours we took across the Continent the first was of a much higher quality, with better hotels and accommodation

For the purposes of the journal I have amalgamated the two trips to a certain extent as they overlap to a large extent but I have appended links to the Full 3 itineraries at the bottom of the page. Sadly, the journal I kept for the 1995 trip only included New York, Philadelphia and Washington and on returning home I was so disappointed I had not kept it better I made sure I kept a proper one in 1996. There are therefore 2 entries each for these cities, one for each year.

The Itineraries

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