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In Memory of Mum and Dad

 Hugo & Dorothy Coghlan

My Father and Mother were happily married for 50 years. They met while my father was a medical student attending the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of a staunch Catholic family, his father being Daniel Coghlan of Clontarf. My mother was a Protestant and this was the late forties in Ireland! They did however, overcome all the ensuing problems and married in 1952, for theirs was truly a love match.

Dr Hugo Coghlan
13/12/1925 to 16/12/2002

After my father obtained his Doctorate he joined the Elder Dempster Shipping Line and went to sea on the SS Oriole for a couple of years as the ships Medical Officer, sailing the route to the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. After I was born in 1953 they moved to England to join a practice in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and the following year, 1954, my sister Diane was born.

To be continued......