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Day 6 - Niagara Falls to Detroit


 When we woke up the sky was clearing and the sun shining and we couldn’t believe it after the previous days foul weather. We were due to go on a trip on the Maid of the Mist that morning, but they had been cancelled due to the weather. So instead we got to go in the Tunnels behind the Falls down to Table Rock, where we got a tremendous view of the Falls from the bottom. There are large openings cut through from the tunnels to the falls, so you can see the water cascading down in front of you and the whole place shakes with the force of the water.

When we came out from the Tunnels we went to see the Rapids, stopping at the Whirlpool and saw the Spanish Aero Car and the Floral Clock. Afterwards we continued on to Niagara by the Lake for lunch where I had a cheeseburger and chips. The town is full of exclusive gift shops and boutiques in an olde worlde type of style and tend to be quite expensive. 

We then drove to Detroit, which took another five hours (but seemed longer!) passing through Brantford, where Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call and where Jay Silverheels (Tonto from the Lone Ranger), used to live on a nearby Indian Reservation. Also went through Windsor where we crossed the American/Canadian border and where a local Doctor invented the child proof cap. 

We arrived at the Marriot Hotel in Southfield, Detroit at 7pm and had dinner and saw a very fancy Wedding reception ( possibly even three!) with lots of people dressed up to the hilt.