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Sickness and Celebrity!

Posted by charmainezoe on November 27, 2007 at 5:55 AM

Well last week was pretty much a complete write off. I had booked wednesday afternoon off as holiday as well as Thursday & Friday and the plan was my daughter came up on Thursday with my grandson to stay the weekend, going home on Monday. That was the plan anyway - on Tuesday morning I woke up feeling fine. 5 minutes later I wasn't feeling fine at all! I spent the next couple of days in the bathroom - need I say more? Tues & Wed were pretty ghastly and Thurs & Fri weren't much better, though by Friday afternoon at least I was able to get to the doctors for a certificate, which will enable me to rebook my holiday dates.

Pepsi and Max were as good as gold while I was incapacitated, it was as though they both new something wasn't right with me. Pepsi had seen me throwing up the first time, watched me with some interest and then retreated into the dining room and stayed there!

Sam came up with Kieran on Thursday as planned but I wasn't fit to do much with them until Friday evening. She has a new boyfriend and spent most of the time on the mobile, either talking or texting, which was a little frustrating as she would disappear out to the car for ages at a time! Apparently he is 41, which I think is a bit on the old side considering she is only 24! Ho hum! We shall see where it goes - if anywhere!

We have been having fun watching I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! for the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed the antics of the OAP's (Old Aggressive People) as they have been dubbed. We watched John Burton Races's 2 TV series when they were on and had dinner at his restaurant, the New Angel in Dartmouth, Devon as a special treat for my birthday a couple of years ago. It was very nice but very expensive!

I have also seen Janice Dickinson on America's Top Model and have been fascinated with her antics, she seems to veer from one extreme to the other, but seems rather lost now that all the other OAP's have left. The young ones seem determined to freeze her out. I have a feeling she may be next to go.

As for the big story - the Marc Bannerman/Cerys Matthews 'romance', I can't wait to see how that develops once she is out. He seems to have been getting some very bad press since he came out and is not what he seems at all. For one thing it turns out he is Irish, born in Dublin and apparently told the Eastenders producers he was Italian when he went for the part of Gianni. His now ex girlfriend has been telling the papers he beat her up and she had to put her arm through a glass window to stop him (seems a bit drastic to me!)and of course the requisite barmaid has put in an appearance & sold her story as well! Cerys comes across as very sweet and seems to have really fallen for him so I hope it doesn't turn into a disaster for her. I shall watch developments with interest!



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