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Some Demolition Work!

Posted by charmainezoe on April 11, 2010 at 1:41 PM Comments comments (0)

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When we moved in to our present house we inherited a big old wooden greenhouse at the bottom of the garden. We've only ever used it for storage and it was prone to having it's glass panels smashed by falling fruit from a large apple tree which overhangs it. We have now trimmed the tree back so it's not quite so destructive, but over the years it has become more and more decprepit and derelict.

So this year we made the decision to demolish it completely and replace it with a new structure, preferably one we can sit in on a blustery or rainy day and still enjoy the sunshine, which this end of the garden enjoys all day round.

The following video shows the operation to demolish it. Pepsi and Max are popping in and out of the frame all the time and it finishes rather abruptly as we realise that Pepsi has disappeared through a gap we had exposed in the fence (it used to have chicken wire attached to the greenhouse to stop him!), which is when we had to drop everything temporarily and chase him across the field down to the river which backs on to the garden! Didn't do poor Hubby's blood pressure a lot of good either!

Missing Dogs Scare!

Posted by charmainezoe on July 26, 2009 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Well we've just had an almighty scare! I'd been at work all day and Ian had gone down to Salisbury to pick up the kids who are staying for the weekend. The boys had been left out the back in their fenced off area on the patio. I got home at 5 o'clock and went straight out to see them, but there was no sign of either of them. The wire fence panels had been forced apart and there was a hole under the wire fencing in front of the hedge where they had obviously squeezed through into one of the adjoining gardens.


After knocking on the doors of all the houses that run along the side of our garden with no luck I traipsed the length of the road down to where the path to the river bends off and tracked round along the riverbank and into the big field behind us, where we have found Pepsi on a number of previous escape attempts, but this time there was no sign.


After checking out the opposite bank, again with no luck, I traipsed home in the rain. I had rung Ian by this stage on the mobile and let him know what had happened, but he was still a good 20 minutes away. As soon as I got home I tried finding the number for the local dog warden, but couldn't find anything in the telephone book and ended up calling Birmingham Council emergency hotline, where they very kindly gave me the number after I explained the situation. But on ringing all I got was a recorded message that the office was closed until Tuesday (as this was Friday and Monday was a bank holiday, this wasn't much help!). So then I rang the police in the hope someone may have reported them and again was given another number to ring for the local station. The officer made a note of the details but couldn't help any further. By this time Ian had arrived home with the kids, who he had told the grim news in the car.


What happened next must have been inspired. After searching through the telephone directory in desperation I came across a number for something called Petsearch and thinking I could at least report them missing rang the number given which was in Solihull, a town in the next county. Almost immediately an elderly ladies voice answered and on my giving the dogs details she told me to ring a Mrs Moore and gave me a number which I assumed was the contact for my area. She then said 'she's got them' it took a few seconds for what she had just said to sink in, but once it did all I could say was 'thank you, thank you' before bursting into tears of relief as I put down the phone. I had to hand the phone to Ian so he could ring the lady as I was in no fit state to talk to anyone. Anyway we found out that they were safe and well and about a mile away, having gone down the length of Middlemore Road and onto a busy crossing, turned left and carried on up the very busy West Heath Rd, where apparently Max seems to have been clipped by a car as they crossed the road. Fortunately he has shown no signs of any harm or damage since then and has certainly not lost his appetite! so we are assuming his bulk saved him and he probably just glanced off it.


It was with great relief that we went and fetched the two errant boys and of course a great fuss was made of them once we got them safely home with lots of treats and hugs. Needless to say we are having to rethink the garden security as I found Max climbing the fence on Sunday and only just managed to grab him as he reached the top and was about to launch himself off to the other side. At least we now know how he has been getting out!

Latest List of Destruction!

Posted by charmainezoe on April 13, 2009 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

These are the latest additions to the trail of destruction the boys have left behind them!:-


bluetooth headset totally destroyed

a watch

USB cable for external hard drive

new vinyl floor in utility room

extension cable

hose pipe

Another dog door


large sponge & chamois leather from car wash kit (you wouldn't believe the area of floor one of those big sponges can cover when its been reduced to crumbs)


As I said in my last blog we have moved to a new house in a new area of the country and Pepsi has managed to escape at least a dozen times before we Pepsiproofed the garden. He seemed to prefer Sunday mornings for his escapades and we have spent many a merry hour chasing round the neighbourhood and knocking on doors! If nothing else its a good way to meet the new neighbours (although I'm not sure how much they appreciate being disturbed on a Sunday morning to find a little white dog digging up their garden!!).


Our new garden is a lot bigger than the last one and surrounded by trees including two large oak trees which both have squirrels dreys and at least 2 squirrels living in each one. We have Tony & Cherie at No 10 in one, and Bill & Hilary in the White House in the other one. This also has a pair of Magpies we've called Dennis & Maggie living in the Penthouse as they have just built a large nest at the very top of the tree. The squirrels come down into the garden to forrage several times a day and drive the boys wild! but the squirrels have learnt that they cant reach them as they are confined to the patio area. They also like to run around in the tree which over hangs the patio and of course this drives Pepsi mad. There are a lot more birds in this garden as well and its very entertaining watching all the comings and goings. We have put up a hanging stand for a bird table and peanut feeder and get many visitors to these.